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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the air

Curly says hello!

Many of the birds at Lake Murray have begun to pair up and there's lots of flirting all over.

Ducky and his ducklinghood sweetheart do nothing but eat and mate all day. The female's brother tags along, but is not allowed to mate:

These two ganders were busy bossing around every goose they see (but they were fine with me):

This Canada was being grumpy towards Curly and the ducks, but no one was hurt. I gave him some birdseed:

Bob 2 was spotted in the M4 territory:

And, this killdeer was there, too. I couldn't identify them and did not get a good photo of the female. The male looks a lot like the old M4 male, last seen mated with Mary at the end of last year, and the M6 dad. It could be Surprise or Secret, but the head shape is not the same. The female looked like Bo.

This killdeer looks a lot like Firecracker:

She was flirting with a male that I couldn't identify, but might be Surprise's guardian:

And, of course, Digger and Killer in George's territory:

And, finally, the male osprey with a fish at the nest. He was calling his mate to join him, probably for a chase around the lake:

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