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Friday, February 18, 2011

A day made for ducks

While this morning was really nice, the afternoon turned very rainy and not that many people came to the lake, so all the duckies were very hungry and came running up to me. But, I forgot to bring food.

Tom was there as was Curly. Curly got mad that I was paying so much attention to Tom that he jumped on Tom's back and nipped his tail. It was funny to see, but Curly is tough! Later, Tom went and rooted around in the grass before going back out to the parking lot. Lately, he's been laying around in the parking lot much of the time. I don't know why.

Here's a new duck, she's a gadwall-mallard hybrid:

This is her with a male that loves her a lot:

Lots of wood ducks today:

Got anything good to eat?

I think Ducky's girlfriend is being too flirty with other males. Poor Ducky was chased away by the older males who challenged each other and were encouraged by head bobbing from the female:

Big Daddy was there:

As was his daughter and her mate:

Big Daddy2 and the chocolate ducks:

And, finally, Cinnamon and one of her boyfriends:

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