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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Digger almost gets caught by a hawk!

Today, I saw Killer and Digger in their usual spot, but they were letting me get really close to them. A few minutes later, I see the big female Cooper's hawk coming across the water towards me, but I don't think she sees the killdeer at first. But, Digger lost her nerve and tried to fly out. Immediately, the hawk tried to grab her, but Digger did an evasive move and I screamed out. The hawk went away and chased around some pigeons before going over to George's territory. I could hear George and Martha doing alarm calls, but did not see the hawk catch them. Later, a vulture came near the area and she harassed it, chasing it away. Since I see her over there often, I wonder if she's keeping a nest there. I hope George does OK.

Killer goes for a swim

I couldn't get a photo of the Cooper's hawk, but I did get one of this little sharp-shinned hawk that was after all the blackbirds:

Across the lake, I thought I saw Firecracker with the new M4 male:

I could hear another male across one of the little bays calling and she responded. Later, that male did some fancy flying before picking a fight with the new M4 male.

This little black cayuga is new to the lake and not integrated with the flock. I've seen her often by herself. But, when I put some food down, she started chasing around one of the chocolate ducks:

Head bob bob bobbin'

This juvenile seagull looked to be kinda sick:

On the way home, I saw this red-shouldered hawk. It looked like he just had a meal:

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