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Monday, August 9, 2010

More ducklings! Update on Fish Food Ducklings

I made an extended version of the Fish Food ducklings slideshow:

Today, I think I saw all three of those ducklings plus their mom. They are about 9 1/2 weeks old now.



I think this is Butterscotch, but could be one of the Hawk Food ducklings who have been missing for a while. However, she shares many characteristics of her supposed mom and sisters, that I think it might be her. I thought I saw Butterscotch in another area of the lake, but she could have swam to this spot while I was walking there.

Here is a little 5 to 6 week old that I think is a survivor of the six ducklings that disappeared after July 4th.

Remember this little guy? This might be the duck above:

And, I saw another little duckling, probably less than a week (about 5 days) old:

Sir Francis' leg is doing really well.

No sign of the other injured duck. Maybe he is doing better.

Killdeer Update:

George and Martha were missing both times I passed through their territory. 7 killdeers were in the ballfield, but no sign of any chicks making their debut, yet. The killdeers in the ballfield were super quiet, you wouldn't even know if they're there if you didn't see them.

Also seen:

I gave the ducks some Crisp Rice, but the grackles got most of it, instead, and were feeding it to some babies.

It was all quiet in George and Martha's territory and this guy is the reason why:

Male Cooper's Hawk

He even scared the ducks even though they're too big for him. A juvenile red-tail hawk was sharing the area, also, probably because he wanted to steal the Cooper's hawk's food.

And, I thought this was a cute photo:

A wood duck and a female mallard in the sun.

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