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Friday, August 6, 2010

A chick was heard in Cowles' Bay!

A killdeer chick was heard deeting to the M6 mom making deet calls as she flew from the M6 area to the ballfield where other killdeer were feeding. While she was flying over, the chick could be heard calling to her for several seconds. It wasn't quite as loud as the mom, but almost.

It might be one of three things:

It might be the third chick, sibling to Digger and Shy, and whom I am going to name "Secret" for now (because he is so good at hiding, it's almost a secret that he is alive). I have a strong feeling that he followed his mom to Del Cerro Point when she left with another male and has been living there ever since. I also suspect that the chick has been slowly making his way to the ballfield all the way around Del Cerro Point and has now parked himself in this area to be close to his mom. If this is true, he may visit the ballpark within the next week or two.

Or, it's one of "Junior's" (formerly "Little Male") chicks. I don't know where Junior made his nest, however and it's been quiet there until recently.

Or, it could be another female sitting on a nest in that area.

When I went to go look for whatever it was, it quieted down and I couldn't find anything.

On the other side of the lake, George and Martha were hanging out in their feeding area at Alvarado Bay. No sign of the chicks, whom I am hoping are hiding nearby. George and Martha may feed there more often to encourage the chicks to come out of hiding and visit them in another week or two.



Duck update:

I didn't see that hurt young duck today, but someone else did. Also, someone else confirmed that it was not the grown duck named Sir Francis Drake as he was seen in his usual spot. I did learn something about Sir Francis, he is over 3 years old and had that fishing line around his leg for about a year before he was caught. He looks a lot better now, much more happy and energetic and can keep up with the other ducks while swimming. His foot may be permanently damaged, though and he may never walk normally again. But, I think he will heal a little bit.

Sir Francis Drake today with his curled foot

The other injured duck was determined to be one of the older ducklings, at least four months old. I don't know what happened to him, but I hope he heals up. Perhaps he will have an easier time of it since he's young.

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