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Sunday, July 25, 2010

George is calmer, also more wood ducks

George on Patrol

George the killdeer seems to have calmed down a bit, especially when I walk away from an area where his chicks could be hiding or where Martha may have a nest (Martha and Mary weren't seen). It could also be because his chicks are three weeks old today. They should be fully feathered and regulating their own temperature. They should also be able to run very fast and should be safe from predators if they're still alive. I saw no sign of any new nest anywhere, but I never saw the old one to begin with, so that doesn't mean that there isn't any new nest.

George was probably calmer in the earlier part of the morning because he had just finished visiting his mate/chicks. When I passed through a couple of hours later, he was more nervous, probably not having seen them for a while and not knowing exactly where they are. But, overall, he was calmer than he has been for the last few weeks.

Across the lake, I can hear no signs of Digger and her dad anywhere in the closed off area where I can't go. I don't know if they're still there. It's possible that with no people coming over there that Dad has calmed down and is less worried about humans across the lake where I was. I *thought* I head a little peep from over there in response to several killdeer calling on my side of the lake. Perhaps it was Digger wanting to join in all the fun, but can't because she doesn't fly, yet. She should begin practicing her flying later this week. However, she won't be able to fly across the bays of the lake for a few more weeks after initially flying. So, unless they open up that part of the road, I still won't see her for a while.

A white heron landed over where I last saw that family and was seen running really fast along the shoreline, but he may have been trying to escape the ducks and coots who might have given him the territorial shove. It's unlikely that he caught Digger or her sister as they would be too fast for him and disappear under the brush before he could even think about catching them..

I saw some more wood ducks, but, unfortunately, my camera settings were accidentally set wrong and most of the photos came out fuzzy. I did salvage a few, even though fuzzy, so that their colors could be seen. Sorry for the blurriness.

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