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Saturday, May 29, 2010

More ducklings!

Maybe I should call this blog: Killdeers, Finches, and Phoebes and other precocial birds.

I was at the lake and found another family of ducklings to which I gave them some toasted oat Os. They had a little problem eating them as I should have broken them up. I think they got them later after they were totally softened up.

Before you get upset and lecture me about feeding wildlife, I rarely ever do that. And, it was the Duck Rescue Network that gave me the idea about the toasted oat Os (Cheerios), though they did discourage me from doing any feeding. I wanted to check up on the duckling that had all the drama a few days back and give him some food. I didn't give them that much and won't be making this a regular thing because so many other people give them food daily. If you are interested in feeding ducklings and you can find unmedicated duck starter or duck pellets/crumbles, bring those along instead.

These ducks are located far enough away from people to be a nuisance and rarely leave the immediate vicinity of the lake. Most of these ducks have been seen eating their "natural" wild food many times even when people throw food in their direction.

You can read more about them here: The Ducklings and the Toasted Oat O's

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