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Monday, June 1, 2015

Mostly Ducky Update

I got a new camera lens and wanted to shoot some photos. It's kinda similar to the last lens I used before, but slightly better with a quieter motor.

Mr. Pekin and Mr. Squeaky, who is doing better:

Mr. Squeaky likes Miss Banana Bill, a newer dumped duck that I will be keeping an eye on. I want to name Miss Banana Bill another name like Angel, instead, but I just don't feel like Angel should be her name.

After a long time of being missing, Pumpkin showed up this morning:

I'm a little worried about Mr. R. who has a bad prolapse that now looks infected.Otherwise, he seems to be OK. Mr. R. is at least five years old now.

I was surprised to see this mama duck with ducklings as I never really saw her on a nest. She was getting severely beat up by the males.

I found this duckling who was a little bit older in another area.

Sadly, though, when I came back about 45 minutes later and I think I saw the mom without the duckling. There was a cormorant and a heron nearby and I fear he became a victim of them.

Speaking of herons, I only see one baby heron left in the nest.

I couldn't find the older gull with the swollen cheek. Usually, he likes to hang out on the osprey pole near the boat docks. I didn't see him at all.

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