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Friday, June 12, 2015

Surprise Baby Ducks

I was really surprised when I visited Lake Murray, last night, that not only were the two older ducklings doing well and the three very young ducks doing well, but I found a mother with ten ducklings that were at least five days old doing well.  I think the mom with ten might be Peaches's mother.

First, the two older ducklings. They are more and more looking like a male and a female. They reached their one month old mark today.

The three that I've seen before are still alive and well.

This is the mother duck whom I thought looked like Peaches' mother with the ten ducklings. The gulls seems to be strangely absent lately which is nice because I can enjoy the ducklings without worrying about them being snatched. The herons also appear to not be as active.

Someone was throwing bread at them, hence the bread in the next couple of pictures.

Then, all sets of ducklings disappeared into hiding. I didn't see them at all.

The youngest baby goose is beginning to look like a grown-up.

And, a surprise wood duck. This one looks like either Doodle's son or that one that used to chase Doodle around.

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