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Friday, May 29, 2015

Birdy update

This was all at Lake Murray in San Diego. I plan to get out to bird some other areas, but summer birding in San Diego is a little slow. Here are some birds that I've seen lately:

First, here is what I think is Troublemaker, the duck, who is almost a year old now. He just showed up and ran up to me all of a sudden:

The obligatory gosling photo taken on the 27th:

While there are no ducklings around, I have seen several baby coots. The set of three I saw earlier are all doing fine, but hard to photograph.  Here is a single coot-ling near the other three:

Here are two more coot-lings, one older one and a tiny one in the back. I think the small one has just hatched:

I finally got a photo of the nervous spotted sandpiper! She wouldn't let me get too close, so I didn't get a great picture of her:

Bye Mrs. Spotted Sandpiper:

I don't know if you can see the gnatcatcher in this photo. I got him to come up really close, but my camera lens is acting up, so all I got was this little picture of him. There were two males and a female around there:

I originally thought this was the Baltimore Oriole that I've heard was in the area, but it's a black-headed grosbeak. This is the best picture I have of him.

I found these young ducks that look like recently released Project Wildlife ducks. I wonder if Uno is one of these guys as he would be about their age. They like to eat in the canal and I'm not sure of their flying abilities. So, please keep your dog leashed up there.

I heard there was a small family of ducklings near the fenceline at the end of the walking trail. I thought maybe they were some of the 13 or so I saw a couple weeks ago. But, they might be some of the three that I saw about a month ago on that side.

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