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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rattlesnake and bird count

I counted the birds yesterday, but found nothing unusual.  Because I have limited time and have to cover a long distance, I often don't see "details" with the birds.  I plan to do a stationary count a little later to get a more thorough look at the birds in the area.  However, there were a LOT of mallards and way more coots than there used to be.  So, I think migration is beginning.

I got a report of two rattlesnakes on the road, but I only saw one.  I think it's a southern Pacific rattlesnake.  Here is the picture of him:

Everyone stopped to enjoy the snake crossing the road.  Then, some guy on a bike tried to run it over!  What a jerk!  The snake ended up going into the brush to hunt rats and mice and maybe a towhee or sparrow.  I didn't see the other snake which was said to be much larger.

Ducky Ducky is starting to look a little better and I caught her having a bath yesterday with her boyfriend.

I also found Troublemaker, the duckling.  He looked like a ruddy duck when I first saw him.  Mama duck seems really frustrated with him because he's a bit disobedient.  He's lucky to have a mother like him.  Most female ducks would have given up on him long ago.

Woman releases pet parakeets at Lake Murray:

I got a report that a woman has released a lot of parakeets at the lake on possibly two different occasions.  One was re-caught, but I haven't seen the other ones.  Two hungry Cooper's hawks have been hunting in that area.  Seriously, don't release your pets there.  It's not safe.  If you loved your animals, don't do this to them.  The animal shelter will take in birds and they don't euthanize the well behaved, healthy ones.

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