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Monday, August 11, 2014

Old and young generation wood ducks

I thought I would post this photo of Doodle's Son, an older wood duck, and a younger one, perhaps Doodle's grandson.  They seem to be best buddies.  I haven't seen any wood duck females at Lake Murray in a long time.

Update on Ducky Ducky:

Several attempts were tried to catch Ducky Ducky who is totally beaten up and not doing well.  But, all were unsuccessful.  However, someone wanted to help out Big Bumblefoot with his infected feet, so he was caught instead.  However, his feet are so bad that the only option for him is a series of painful surgeries that the lady who is caring for him thinks would not be humane.  So, Big Bumblefoot is going to stay at her house in comfort with good food and plenty of attention until he passes away.

Big Bumblefoot

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