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Friday, March 28, 2014

Poor 'Picked-on' and some warbling vireos

Poor "Picked-on" the outcast Canada goose.  He has a sprained leg, probably from picking fights with the other geese.  Don't worry, his wings are OK, he likes to hold them that way when he's depressed or not feeling well.  I feel sorry for him because he's been so sad since Louie died, but then he tries to fight with the other geese or kill ducklings.  He's always been a mental case as long as I've known him.

In other news, no ducklings, yet, but there are a couple of babies in the heron and osprey nests.  I think ducklings should arrive soon.  In the meantime, I was having problems identifying some birds that sounded like finches, but didn't look like them.  I think they're warbling vireos.  There's a male singing his head off and a female doing the begging posture.

I threw in a picture of this dog because he didn't like me standing there taking pictures of the birds.  I rarely ever see him.  All the dogs seemed not to like me standing there today.

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