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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bigboi trouble and domestic duck update

It's been a while since I was at Lake Murray and I wanted to check up on the two female buff ducks.  One of the females had a swollen belly.  When I didn't see her, I figured she died.

Here is her skinny sister.

The runner duck was walking around protecting her:

I didn't see Bigboi, but I wasn't that worried because he often goes off on his own and figured that the old duck would be OK.  When I walked away, the runner duck ran over to a concrete wall next to the sidewalk and kept looking over into these weeds.  I could see the weeds moving around, so I went to check.  It was then that I heard a male duck quack and could see Bigboi stuck between the weeds and the wall:

I grabbed him and pulled him out.  He didn't even thank me and ran over to the skinny blonde duck.  The runner duck followed him.  He seemed fine.  I was afraid I grabbed him the wrong way.  He was pretty scared when I grabbed him.

Later, I found the duck with the swollen belly.  She didn't look at me.  Apparently, she was hiding in the reeds either to hide from the males, or to lay eggs.  She promptly disappeared back in the reeds.  Apparently, Bigboi was stuck in the reeds after trying to get to her.

The crested runner mated with the skinny duck and, afterwards, all the males got together to talk about it:

There were two wigeons nearby, too:

Here's Baby Blue and a green heron:

This green heron was clucking around, obviously upset about something:

This is my spot!

I think he was upset with two other herons feeding in the same area and he was the smallest.  The biggest, a great blue heron, flew off, but a smaller snowy egret stayed behind.

No, it's MY spot!

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