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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lake update with more ducklings!

I sure hope you're not getting sick of baby ducks!

The ducklings above and below might be gadwall-mallard hybrids, but it's hard to tell as both species have very similar-looking ducklings and a hybrid would probably mask any differences between the two species.

I think their mom is Gaddy's mate, below, but she also bred with male mallards.  We shall see what the ducklings look like if they grow up.

I saw these three little babies near the front entrance to the lake.  They were hiding from me:

Here's their mom.  They might be from that family of nine last week:

I think this is Butterscotch with two of her pretty much grown ducklings:

Here's another shot of the mama:

Fish Food Mama and her ten ducklings:

I found two other older ducklings, of which this is a photo of one.  I think they came over from the other part of the lake:

These four appear to be drop-offs and they were hanging around Mama duck.  It's possible they were raised by rehabiliators because they're about the age that they release them.  Plus, they have white on them and look like ones they've released before:

You can hear the "peep peep peep" of the baby pied-billed grebes all over the lake:

The western grebes have also arrived:

UPDATE: The osprey chick tried to leave the nest last week and fell onto the golf course (some say he jumped, others said he fell.  I think he jumped because he really wanted to leave).  He was rescued by Project Wildlife and is being cared for until they can find a place for him.

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