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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cloudy, drizzly day

The day started out with a weird hummingbird.  it looked like a juvenile Anna's hummingbird, but sang like an adult male Anna's.  Hmmm.  Also had a little more orange on it and a weird shape.

I saw these two male wood ducks who are molting.  I haven't seen wood ducks at Lake Murray in a long time:

A surprise!  There's still one duckling of the three that hatched in this area last week.

Butterscotch brought her three ducklings to the boat docks:

And Fish Food Mama still had her ten ducklings.

I usually can tell gender of the ducklings by this age, but, so far, I can only see one definite male duckling.  I'm thinking at least three are males. These look like girls, so far.

This baby kept checking out all the people, swimming back and forth.

No sign of Pepper, the little black duckling that ended up looking mallard-ish and had a broken wing.  I haven't seen him in a month.  He's gone missing for this long before, so I will wait.

And, it looks like the last of the three female Swedish ducks is gone.  Only Cow is left from that group.  She's only alive because she has a dedicated mate who protects her.

And, fun with the killdeer!

Here's Smudge, "trembling" her foot to scare out bugs:

An unlucky spider jumped out in front of her.  I guess trembling her foot works:

Her mate didn't seem very hungry.

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