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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ducks and a broken-legged coot

I spent part of this morning chasing around a Wilson's snipe at Lake Murray, (Well, not actually because I didn't want to harass him and keep him from eating or resting.)  All I got was one blurry photo of his rump.  When I first saw him, I had a good chance of getting a photo of him, but a nearby egret flew off and ever since then, he had decided that I was a scary predator, so there was no getting him to stay still.

I did see Cinnamon, but with only three boyfriends.  Her real boyfriend is the one to her right with the large white ring.  The one behind her thinks he's her boyfriend, but he is not.  If you watch Cinnamon long enough, she makes it very clear that the one on her right is her true mate. It was kinda funny watching him because there was another duck that sounded like Cinnamon calling and every time the other duck called, he would look at Cinnamon.

Here is Cinnamon's fourth boyfriend, Stumpy:

I also came across this coot with a very badly broken leg.  He/she didn't seem to be suffering in terms of being in intense pain and was behaving, otherwise, normally.  I'm hoping it doesn't get infected.  It's a very clean break and, perhaps it can be repaired.  He/she is very friendly and will approach for food.  But, he/she also has a very protective mate that watches over him/her.

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