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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bonaparte's gull and white pelicans

I went and took some photos at Lake Murray yesterday afternoon and this morning.  I was surprised to find a Bonaparte's gull there this morning.  I think it's a first winter juvenile.  I've never seen one of those at this lake before.  He was trying to snatch fish out of the water like terns do.

Yesterday, I saw a huge flock of white pelicans flying around the lake.

Really big.  They landed far away, so I didn't get a picture of them.

There were already a few on the ground, waiting:

When I was there, yesterday, the crows were beginning to roost:

They played games with each other and harassed the other birds.

This morning, I saw this big ground of male killdeer milling around:

One looked like Little Miracle.  She and another killdeer wouldn't stop yelling at me.  The others didn't seem to mind.

This pretty duck was back for another winter here at Lake Murray:

And, I think this might be Indy.  His feathers look rough.  His two brothers looks about the same as he does.  I still haven't got the word as to whether or not Project Wildlife really did release him, so this may not be him, afterall.  But, it sure looks like him.

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