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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A couple of photos from the lake

Herring gull

I haven't been at the lake much and when I have been, I haven't been taking a whole lot of photos.  I also went to the San Diego River area and took some photos that I haven't posted yet.  But, here are a few Lake Murray photos I took this morning beginning with the herring gull above. It may be the same herring gull I've seen for the last few years, the first year being a young juvenile.

Below, a brave sora came out to eat the food that people left for the ducks:

Here is Cinnamon and her one true boyfriend.  She is usually surrounded by at least four males, but this is the one that she loves.

And, finally, a photo of Pepper's good side.  He insists that people only see his good side, not the side with the messed up wing:

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