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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Visitors today in George Killdeer's area

Mary or Firecracker?

Today, there were some visitor's to the feeding area. One looked a lot like Firecracker, but didn't have her forehead marks. I couldn't make out who the visitors were, they were both small. But, I think one was almost definitely Mary and the other didn't look like her mate, but did look like a very young male, possibly one of her sons.

It's amazing how the two sisters look alike and like their mother

Killer kept an eye on the two of them while Digger stayed on the other side of the lake. George's son definitely let them know that he was the boss of the area. According to his actions, Mary was welcome, but the other one was not.

Killer and Mary

Eventually Digger came over, but remained hidden under some rocks. Later, they flew away to different spots. The young male started to follow Killer, but he trilled and swiped at him, so the male went somewhere else.

Also seen today was lots of white crowned sparrows:

And, a few Towhees:

This kingfisher was sitting on a wire and looked at me a little angrily:

Then, he flew over to a tree:

Curly was seen today and I tried to feed him some millet, sunflower seeds and a little cat food. However, two other young males kept attacking him, so I stopped. I've seen these males bite and attack curly before, almost pulling his tail feathers out. Curly is usually a high-ranking male, but these two have been bullying him a lot lately. I didn't want to encourage Curly to stay in the area and keep getting attacked, so I left.


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