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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ducky, Ducki and a Little Bird

First, a rainbow from Lake Murray this morning:

This first picture is of a duck named after a friend's duck as well as a TV character. His name is Ming Ming (It means "little bright one") and he has been going missing quite often. However, he was seen today after being gone for a week or two. He doesn't fly, so I knew he didn't fly away.

We're barely into February and already Ducki is losing feathers on her neck. She only has one male who doesn't let anyone else close to her. It's really not that bad. She could also be molting.

I just wanted to show off this photo of a spotted towhee. I think this guy is new and he was making a very loud, vibrating call, not the "neer-errr!" call I usually hear.

The two older male Pekins have decided to break off from the regular group and go on their own. I found in in the reeds near where Mr. Pekin and Arthritis Duck was killed by coyotes. However, I did not see them today, nor did I see any signs that the coyotes got them. They are about the same age as the other two ducks when they were killed. The newest duck, Daisy, was also not seen. She is an imprint and I can totally see her going home with someone.

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