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Friday, April 4, 2014

Snowie down to two babies

Despite the very cold weather we've been having, Snowie has managed to keep two ducklings for five days.  It's not a surprise that these are the two that survived as their colors are selected for in nature.  It's the little mallard and one of the Swedish, though the Swedish is beginning to show unusual mallard-like markings:

Here is the little mallard:

The little Swedish who might be crested:

The little mallard has a lot of energy, but the other one is struggling.  I can already tell that both ducklings have doubled in size, at least:

There might be some goslings hatching, soon.  Here is mama nesting:

Dad is doing guard duty.  He attacks anything that might bet too close to the nest even if it's a half mile away.  He was attacking cormorants and even went way out far away to attack them.

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