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Friday, April 11, 2014

Killdeer fight!

A few days ago, Killer Junior and Smudge's mate were having some sort of argument, but I don't know why.  Smudge's mate has lived on George's territory for over a year.  Killer Junior's daughter tried to get Smudge's mate for her own mate, but was unsuccessful.  Miracle, Killer Junior's mate, often hangs out in that area and that's probably why he was there.

First, here's Killer Junior:

He does a jerky sort of bow-threat dance that makes him easy to identify.


Smudge's mate:

Killer Junior attacked Smudge's mate by jumping and kicking at him:

Then, Killer Junior chased him.  But, Smudge's mate was also seen making aggressive moves towards Killer Junior, so he's not all innocent.

Killer Junior all puffed up and angry:

Update on the ducks:

None of Snowie's ducklings survived, she was seen without any.  Another female duck was seen with about eight one day, but not seen the next day.

Sissy duck appears to have died as has the crested Pekin that used to hang out with Cow.  Mrs. Pekin is in extremely bad shape, but holding on.  The sweet Cayuga girl has also died.

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