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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last day of GBBC in the South Bay NWR

Yesterday was the last day of the GBBC and I went down to the 7th Avenue Bayshore Bikeway bench to count shorebirds and ducks.  I also checked out the "10 ponds" on the other side from the bench.  Those are formally known as pond 10 and 10A.  Here are some photos I took while I was there:

Wow, so many sandpipers.  These are least sandpipers.  All the sandpipers that stayed close to me were least and there were over a thousand western sandpipers further away.  There was a dunlin in the second photo.

This curlew was cold as it was windy and foggy.  That's a marbled godwit nearby.  Look at how similar their plumage is.  But, note the thin, dark legs on the marbled godwit.

He was soon joined up with a second curlew who also didn't want to take his bill out of his wings.

The curlew was visited by a semi-palmated plover:

Marbled godwit:

Savannah sparrow:

 Says Phoebe

Back at Lake Murray, "Picked On" has been kicked out of the flock and appears thin and depressed:

A female redhead duck was resting on land:

More redheads were nearby with the coots:

And, Cow is still alive.  Here she is near her 5 boyfriends.  Breeding season is about to get rough in the next month or two.

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