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Friday, February 21, 2014

A new Pekin duck at the lake

It looks like we have a new Pekin duck at Lake Murray.  He's all by himself as the other Pekins haven't allowed him to be near them.  He is not friendly with people at all.

Here he is hanging with the scaups and mallards:

This scaup was hoping for a handout so that she can fatten up a bit before flying north.

Dougie found a mallard friend:

But, he didn't like this mallard, so he chased him away.  I don't know why he liked the one mallard and not the other.  But, I guess everyone has their preferences for friends and allies.

There were two fat killdeer in the Patriot field.  I think they're both girls.  One looks like she just molted her juvenile feathers.  So, I'm thinking, possibly, mother and daughter.

And, finally, a couple photos of a bushtit.

I love these cute little birdies:

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