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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mostly a (domestic) ducky day

The lighting really hasn't been that great to take pictures in the morning at Lake Murray, so I haven't been taking that many.  Today, I mostly photographed the domestic waterfowl, so if you were wanting to see a lot of wild birds, I only posted a few wild waterfowl photos and an osprey.

First, we start with "One Foot" who was resting in his favorite spot.

Then, Puff and the newer domestics.  The female on the right is adorable, but I don't think she will survive the breeding season.  She seems to be really attracted to Puff, though the buff colored male is her best friend as they were dumped together.

Bigboi also likes the little girl.

Baby Blue is (on the bottom right) is almost as big as the Pekins now.  That is Pepper at the top who is so much smaller.

One of the bossy geese and the Canada goose that Jill loved, but rejected her:

The two Babbas and the Canada goose that was Louie's friend:

This lesser scaup was looking for a handout:

The Snowies were dabbling nearby.  You can see their heads under water:

Here is a female redhead looking for a handout:

This male redhead was watching her from a distance.  I wonder if they're the same redheads I see in this area every year?

Here is a ruddy duck:

And, it looks like the osprey are building up their nest:

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