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Monday, September 9, 2013

Duckling update

Well, I went to go check on the mama duck and her older ducklings and I noticed that the mother had some kind of hip or leg injury.  But, strange thing was that it didn't bother her one bit.  She constantly walked on the ground and even up and down hills.  

She also swam OK.  Maybe she had that injury for a while and I didn't notice it last Friday.  I don't know how well she can fly, though.

Rubber Band has lost his rubber band on his bill.

You can really see the mallard in him:

This duckling is a crybaby and hates to be apart from his mama:

I think this might be Stretch who was there with another male and a young female.  I think his mama was there, too.

There are two new dumped ducks at the lake, a male buff and a female Cayuga who will probably not make it through the next breeding season:

A fair number of spotted towhees were heard (and one seen) at the lake today, but were camera shy.  There were signs of a hawk hunting pigeons near where the ducklings were.  The killdeer were also heard around the area.  A coyote was also seen stalking Bumblefoot and the other ducks across the lake just before the ducks were due to get fed this morning, but all ducks are OK.

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