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Monday, September 16, 2013

A killdeer argument

This morning, I came across two male killdeer having an argument.  They looked like Killer and Smudge's mate and seem to know each other.  But Smudge's mate, even though he's much younger than Killer, was not happy about him being there.  Smudge's mate was probably just protecting the area for his family.

When Killer started to approach, Smudge's mate went into display mode.

I was here first!

What?  I'm just here for a bath! (said Killer)

Can you believe this guy? (said Smudge's mate)

OK, that's enough, go away.

I've got my eye on you!

You're not moving fast enough!

I'm so mad!

I also saw a scrub jay and a nuttall's wood pecker among other birds.  The scrub jay wouldn't sit for a photo, so here's the woodpecker.

I guess one of the spotted sandpipers decided to stay longer.

Jill is acting weird.  She's just standing around, not moving.  She does move eventually and she will move if you make her move, but she's not grazing and is just standing still.

Eileen is still limping, but seems OK:

Here's her ducklings:

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