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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on baby ducks

Mama duck is down to six ducklings.

Unfortunately, there was a dead fish in the area attracting the gulls to this spot.  I shooed one gull away and threw the fish into deeper water.  But, mother duck also got shooed away when I shooed the gulls.  As she left, I saw at least one gull seriously check her and her ducklings out, but I think was more interested in finding the fish.  In their minds, fish first, ducklings second.

I left because I didn't want to see anything happen to the ducklings.  I heard a gull screaming, but I think he was screaming at another gull or a passing tern.  Mama duck had some problems finding another place to hide because there were people fishing all around.

I went around to the other side of this spot and, by then, mama duck had already re-stashed her ducklings in the reeds.  So, I think all of them were OK when I left.  The gulls found the fish, but since it was in deeper water, I think they lost interest in it.

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