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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some ducks reappear, other disappear again.

I tell you, sometimes ducks drive me crazy.  Cow, whom I thought was drowned by her mates last week, was seen alive an well this morning!  Bitey was standing next to me biting my leg while I was taking her picture:

But, now, another duck from her flock is missing!  I named the Swedish ducks Inga, Olga and Annika and Inga is the one that's missing now.  I wonder if there's a communal nest somewhere.

And, surprise, I think the photo below is of a duck called "Sir Francis Drake" who had fishing line tied around his leg a few years back (the line was removed a year later, but the damage was done).  He's a pretty old duck now.  He's lived longer than many other perfectly healthy duck.

Bumblefoot has a new friend to hang around with.  It's the pale-billed male that I think used to hang out with the "four babies" dumped last year.

Two new ducks were dropped off right where the coyotes hunt.  I wonder if these people are purposely trying to feed the coyotes or something.  Don't people wonder why there's hardly any domestic ducks in that area?

I also saw an American wigeon.  All the scaup seem to have left the lake.  A couple of days ago, I saw several scaup, but didn't see a single one today.

This poor juvenile gull has what I think is a fishing jig with multiple hooks in his bill.  He can't eat with it like that.  I told the lake staff and they tried to catch him, but he kept flying off.  He looks so miserable.  I suspect he thought he was plucking a fish out of the water or something, but it wasn't and now he's going to die a slow death unless someone catches him.

And, finally, in Killdeer news, I think Junior is back and I thought he was fighting with his son.  His mate got really mad at him and chased him away.  When I looked at the photos, I found that the one Junior was getting excited about was another female (possibly "Little Miracle").  That explains why his mate was so annoyed as females usually don't pick fights with males, but they get extremely jealous of other females.

No ducklings yet.

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