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Friday, January 11, 2013

A couple killdeer photos

I finally saw a couple of killdeer.  The female (below) was freakishly friendly towards me, so I knew it's one of the chicks I observed some time over the last few years.  At first, I thought it was Dee, then Firecracker, then Little Miracle.  Now, I think it might be Smudge.  She walked right up to me.

Here is a young male, younger than the killdeer above.  He is a spitting image of Killer (AKA Kip), so I think it might be one of his sons.  If the killdeer above is Dee, this would probably be her son.  If it's Smudge, then this might be her new mate:

Look at all these gulls and coots.  Lots of ring-billed gulls here like last year and the year before..  Hopefully, they will move on before the ducklings begin to hatch.

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