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Monday, April 2, 2012

Eggs and killdeer

This male killdeer, possibly one of George's sons from last year, seems upset or excited that Miracle is in his spot. 

He's taken over a spot in Junior's territory.  You can see Miracle in the background.

I think this is his (and Squeak's) sister:

Killer Jr. and Miracle went back across the lake.  Here is Killer Jr. He got fishing line in his mouth, but got it out:

Miracle likes to stay near the reeds:

Meanwhile, I think these are Squeak's and Pollux's eggs.  I'm not going to mention where they are except that there is a fence nearby.

This next picture is of an odd sparrow.  It was hanging out with the white-crowned sparrow, but I think it's a chipping sparrow with very light markings.  It's dark bill, notched tail, and darker legs rule out white-chinned and black-chinned sparrow.  You can barely see the face markings:

The osprey are active on their nests.  One of them just brought a really long, wet rope to add to it.  I hope things don't dangle out any longer or the nest will be electrocuted by the high-voltage wires.  Also, I hope they don't eat any of the ducklings soon to hatch.

I thought this male great egret was beautiful!  I originally thought it was a snowy egret, but it's not:

Sorry this next photo is fuzzy.  It's Caramel sitting on her nest in a secret area.  The only thing is that if a predator were to find her, she would be trapped as there was only one way in or out of this spot:

The ring necked duck is still here along with a few lesser scaups:

Also seen today, Fred the yellowlegs and Bob2 the spotted sandpiper.  Junior the killdeer was seen, too.

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