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Monday, April 9, 2012

Caramel's ducklings

It looks like Caramel is the first mother to have ducklings at the lake this year.  It's been nice and warm for their first few days, but a cold storm is expected to come through in a few days.

Caramel has 10 ducklings right now.  Five are very strong, three are a little weak, and two are disobedient/independent.

Mom's special little weakling

Across the lake, the osprey were busy with catching fish and bonding.  I've haven't seen them at the lake in April for a long time.  This juvenile Cooper's hawk was eyeing them and their fish.

The female didn't like that hawk:

Also, saw lots of killdeer.  Here is Castor, he and and some other killdeer were kill-deeing each other.  He was seen and heard doing courtship calls and nest scrapes.  

And, Squeak now had 4 eggs in her nest.

Junior, Killer Jr. and Miracle are all hanging out together.  However, I now have a problem with them.  They have learned that if they don't make any noise, I will probably not see them.  So, they stay very quiet and Junior likes to hide behind rocks.  So, I almost never know he is there unless he's fighting with someone else.  Miracle will just freeze and stand still when she sees me.

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