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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lots to see at the lake


Today, there was lots going on this morning at Lake Murray. Tiny was all alone in the feeding area. I have a feeling that Killer and Digger may be gone for good and found their own home. Now, it could be Tiny's turn to use the area.

Tiny was taking a bath:

Do you mind? I'm taking a bath!

Then, all his duck and coot friends came over to say hello to him. Tiny's a bit uncomfortable with coots, but he likes ducks.

Hello ducks!

Duck news:

All the ducks are doing great right now. Bill is no longer feeding them, but someone is leaving some seed around here and there and many of the animals are very fat right now, so there's no worry. The pigeons and ducks still associate me with food and the pigeons will land on my hands and arms.

Tom came up to see if I had any food. He nipped my hands, gently, but when he realized that I didn't taste good, he left. Later, someone offered him bread, but he didn't care for that, either.

Snowball, Flycatcher, and the fish-food ducklings were doing well. Chocolate was seen with some friends.

This may be Chocolate's dad, but there's three that look similar. This duck usually stands straight up, but he's trying to sleep right now.

Ducky is doing well and he's getting bossy when it comes to getting girls, even though he's still not quite old enough to breed. Here he is shoving his way between a flycatcher sister and his duckling-hood friend:

The pintail was there and was very friendly. And, that one injured/sick duck was almost completely healed. He started growing again, too. I also saw one gadwall:

And, Curly is doing well, came right up to me wondering where his food was:

And, something new, some northern shovelers (and some scaups):

I found this clump of down, it's very soft and still attached to some skin. There is a duck missing a good chunk of his feathers near his leg, but he's not this color. There was also a big white feather nearby, too. It could also be from a goose. Perhaps a dog or coyote chomped on it. There were dog tracks nearby, but people walk their dogs along the lake all the time. Other than that one duck, I don't see anyone injured and I don't suspect anyone is missing. However, one of the gadwalls that hang out as a pair was not seen today, but was seen yesterday. But, gadwalls often come and go there.

Hawk vs Crows/ravens:

The young female Cooper's hawk was being very ambitious when she took on some crows and ravens. One crow viciously returned her attack and tried to get the rest of his family to join in, but they were cautious.

Originally, I thought that the crows were mobbing her while she was minding her own business, but she was deliberately attacking them, one in particular-- the one who fought back.

I saw her almost catch him, too. She loves to attack black-colored birds, but these guys were way bigger than her. I don't know if she got her breakfast. This crow and raven were watching everything without joining in.

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