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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gnatcatcher and killdeer

My day started with a Cooper's hawk sitting on my neighbor's antenna thinking about having crow for breakfast.

Today was a day where I counted all the birds at Lake Murray (those I could find), so I didn't take that many photos.

Tiny was there alone and I think he's a bit lonely. Every once in a while, he'll do a little alarm deet for no reason. I think he misses his family.

He looks like he's got some scars and scratches on his face. I wonder how he got those, I doubt his dad gave them to him, perhaps there were other killdeers where he was before who fought with him.

I tried to take a photo of this gnatcatcher, but I couldn't get a good focus on it!

All the ducks are doing very well, here's a photo of Snowball:

And, Big Daddy 2:

I tried to get a photo of Big Daddy 3, but those darn ganders were fighting with me, so he got into the water and it wasn't that great of a photo. I think I saw Ducky, but he's got his green head now and it's hard to tell, especially when the sun is shining. Tom and Curly are very hungry, but Tom still has a lot of fat and is doing very well with his foraging.

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