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Monday, November 10, 2014

A few little birds I found when counting them this morning

Today, I went to Lake Murray and counted the birds.  One of the first things I saw, unfortunately, were the pigeons and grackles fleeing in fear.  I knew the hawk was nearby.  She had caught one of the older pigeons at the lake.  This is a very large female Cooper's hawk that was about as big as a red-shouldered hawk.  A small male adult has also been seen in the area.  

Poor piji.

The kingfisher was being a brat.  He was sitting in a nice, photogenic spot on a tree for a long time, but when I took the camera out, he flew further away.  Here he is over at the new spot:

I saw a female black-throated gray warbler.  My camera wasn't co-operating.  Yes, she is in this pic:

I was surprised to see two American pipits at the lake today:

And, we have a new dumped duck over in Coyoteland.  I hope he learns about coyotes:

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